UCSD Mt. Soledad Generator Replacement

Project Owner: University of California San Diego

Location: La Jolla, CA
Customer: University of California San Diego

Year Completed: 2020

Dersch Design & Engineering served UCSD as a prime consultant and electrical engineer of record to replace a standby diesel generator that serves a radio tower on the top of Mount Soledad in La Jolla, CA.


Our designs provided for the removal of an existing generator, the addition of a new generator, and all electrical and structural design provisions to support the new generator.


Since the University wanted the specifications for the new generator to be similar to that of the existing generator, we coordinated with the existing generator vendor to determine the specifications and cost for the new generator.


Our firm engaged, managed, scheduled, and closely coordinated with a cost estimator and structural engineering sub-consultant to provide designs required for the project.


Additionally, our firm did extensive research into local noise ordinances to ensure that the project was in compliance.  As a value engineered approach, we evaluated and kept the existing pad since it was in good condition but enlarged it because the new generator had a larger footprint.  This resulted in cost savings for the project.

Electrical Upgrade | Standby Generator

Soledad Gen Replacement.JPG