San Diego Zoo

Microgrid | PV System | EV Chargers

Battery System

PV System Size: 103kW
Battery Size: 100kWh

Electric Vehicle Chargers: 5

Owner: San Diego Zoo
Location: San Diego, CA
Customer: San Diego Zoo

Year Completed: 2012

This San Diego Zoo Zero Tailpipe Endgame microgrid project consists of (10) individual solar photovoltaic shade canopies, (5) electric vehicle chargers, and a battery system all connected to a bidirectional power inverter that can be used to dispatch power to the local electrical grid, upon utility request.  One of the interesting features of this project is that power from the sun can be stored and used to power on-site loads at night, as opposed to drawing power from the electrical grid.  If the grid power is low, for whatever reason, the utility can discharge the batteries directly to the grid to supplement the grid power throughout the neighborhood.

Additional spare capacity was added to support the future addition of (8) DC electric vehicle
chargers and (6) AC electric vehicle chargers.


The PV modules were mounted on (10) custom, aesthetically designed shade canopies.  The electric vehicle chargers were blended into the canopy bases.  The remaining electrical equipment was housed in a custom CMU enclosure.