Marine Corps Recruit Depot

(MCRD) San Diego

Repair Sculleries B569

Electrical Upgrade | Lighting

Project Owner: United States Marine Corps
Location: San Diego, CA
Customer: GMH Associates

Year Completed: 2020

Dersch Design & Engineering was engaged as an electrical engineer to provide electrical designs for the renovation of a mess hall at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, CA.

The existing mess hall had leaky steam pipes and poor ventilation resulting in humid conditions that weathered existing electrical equipment in the space.  This project replaced electrical panels, circuits and lighting systems, removed steam piping, and provided new HVAC systems resulting in improved ventilation.  Additionally, our designs provided new electrical feeds for electric dishwashers.

The project was designed with a phased approach to ensure that the mess hall remained operational during construction to feed the troops.  Our firm closely coordinated with the contractor to provide quick RFI responses and shop drawing reviews.

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