Ft. Irwin RUFMA

PV System | Lighting Retrofit

PV System Size: 108kW
Lighting Energy Savings: 72%

Project Owner: U.S. Army
Location: Ft. Irwin, CA
Customer: U.S. Army

Year Completed: 2012

This engineering project consisted of a one-for-one lighting replacement and the addition of a
108kW solar photovoltaic system at the RUFMA site.  The RUFMA site is a 2,000,000+ square foot
concrete slab used by the U.S. Army primarily for heavy vehicle maintenance and a training staging area. 
The scope of this project was to construct a 108kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system on top of
the existing canopies and replace, one-for-one, each of (1,058) luminaires, the majority of which were 1000W HID. 


The lighting system alone saved the Army 72% of their lighting electrical usage on this site.  This project did reduce lighting levels by around 20%.  Regardless, with the increased photometric and CRI performance of the new LED fixtures, the troops actually perceive more light than they had prior to the project.

Acted as electrical engineer of record, final QC authority, and coordinated closely with a structural engineer to evaluate existing structures and propose new mounting systems.