Civita Elementary School

PV System Size: 238.8 kW

Project Owner: San Diego Unified School District
Location: San Diego, CA
Customer: domusstudio Architecture

Year Completed: Ongoing

Dersch Design & Engineering designed solar PV and battery energy storage systems for San Diego Unified School District’s newest flagship elementary school.  Our firm served as renewable energy consultants on an interdisciplinary team of architects and engineers.  The PV system designed by our firm has a system size of 238.8 kW and the battery energy storage system has a system size of 60kW/130kWh.

The project consisted of close coordination with the design team to evaluate, identify, and exploit all areas conducive to solar photovoltaic installation and worked with the team to optimize the electrical, structural, mechanical, plumbing, and architectural configuration of the facility to best optimize the proposed solar PV systems.

Dersch Design established PV production estimates and coordinated with a third-party energy consultant to evaluate their energy targets and consumption estimates against the proposed PV system size.

This project was 3D modeled in Revit.  Design phase is complete, and construction is ongoing.


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