Naval Air Weapons Station

(NAWS) China Lake

Earthquake Damage Assessments

Electrical System Studies |

Facility Assessments | Rapid Response

Project Owner: NAVFAC SW
Location: Ridgecrest, CA
Customer: Reid Middleton

Year Completed: Ongoing

Dersch Design & Engineering joined a multidisciplinary team of engineers and architects that rapidly assessed buildings and electrical systems damaged by the 2019 earthquakes in Ridgecrest, CA.  Over one hundred buildings and systems were assessed by our engineers for this project.


Our team deployed to Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake on short notice due to the critical nature of the base’s infrastructure and facilities as they pertain to our national defense.  Many buildings were damaged by the earthquakes, and some were beyond repair.  Additionally, site infrastructure like overhead power lines and water mains had failed.

Our interdisciplinary team assessed damaged facilities across the base and identified hazards and necessary repairs and compiled comprehensive reports detailing the findings.  Our engineers also prepared ATC-20 and DD 1391 documents for the government.  We worked closely with cost estimators to assign repair values to each building and system, and this information was ultimately used to request emergency funding from the United States Congress.

After the funding was approved by Congress, we developed RFP language to assist the government in procuring resources for necessary repairs.

Shake Map M7.1 Ridgecrest.jpg

Due to government privacy regulations, photos of project site cannot be shown.