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Power system engineering and Title 24 compliant lighting design for K-12 school districts and higher education institutions throughout California.  Project scopes include design of solar photovoltaic power systems, exterior and interior lighting designs utilizing energy efficient LED luminaires, power distribution, arc flash and coordination studies, interconnection design, uninterruptible power systems (UPS), battery power systems, and feasibility studies.

Have more than eight years of project experience with NAVFAC, NASA, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines, U.S. Air Force, GSA, Department of Defense, and State Department. Served as Designer of Record (DOR) and/or DOR representative for multiple NAVFAC projects -- taking the lead on all design matters such as engaging sub-consultants, review of sub-consultant’s design, and coordination of all project deliverables.

Provide electrical power system design, Title 24 compliant lighting design, and telecom infrastructure design for research, testing, and teaching laboratories. Project scopes may also include a PV system, mechanical HVAC equipment, specialty devices and luminaires, as well as standby generators, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. And near project close out, we can perform complete arc flash and coordination studies.

In addition to the above industry
sectors, we also provide services for:

  • Airports

  • Civic Buildings

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Data Centers

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • High-rise Buildings

  • Private Clients

  • Transportation Projects & more



As experienced power engineers, we work with the generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization of electric power. Provide design of power systems and electrical infrastructure ranging from substations to coordination of customer specified gear for integration into existing systems.  Specialize in power conversion, utility coordination, emergency power, load studies and analysis, medium and high voltage systems, lightning protection systems, grounding systems, overhead distribution, energy storage, off-grid power systems, arc flash and coordination studies, line-side and load-side bus taps, and uninterruptable power systems.

Provide lighting design concentrating on maximizing the lighting design's function while minimizing cost -- generating the overall greatest value. Perform photometric calculations: computing illuminance in any situation; assisting in luminaire placement and aiming; validating adherence to any number of lighting criterion; and predicting the effect of various luminaire designs in real-world including light and surface interaction.  Energy efficient lighting plans designed to CA Title 24 standards.

Analyze complex load profiles to determine best value renewable power system configuration.  Implement solar photovoltaic (PV), wind power, off-grid, microgrids, battery backup and storage, and utility-scale ground-mount systems for private to government contracts.  Interface solar PV, wind power, engine generators, and battery systems to create hybrid power distribution systems. Also provide on- and off-grid feasibility studies, Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Distributed Generation (DG) design.

  • 3D Modeling / BIM / Revit

  • Battery Storage & Backup

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Emergency Power

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Grounding Systems

  • Lightning Protection

  • LEED Consulting

  • Load Studies & Analysis

  • Medium & High Voltage

  • Off-grid Power Systems

  • Overhead Distribution

  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

  • Uninterruptible Power Systems 

Additional Services


Dersch Design & Engineering, Inc. is a professional, proactive, and approachable Small Business S-Corporation, certified Emerging Local Business Enterprise (ELBE) in San Diego, California. Founded in 2013, we team up with structural engineers, general contractors, and architects to solve complex engineering design challenges for commercial and government projects. Our licensed professional engineers have a broad range of experience in many engineering disciplines, but our primary focus is electrical engineering, building construction / renovation, as well as renewable energy and microgrids.


We are licensed to perform engineering services in the following areas: Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, and Washington, DC.


"Proper engineering up front is what sets the stage for a successful project. Dersch Design & Engineering's attention to detail, project schedule and prompt responses to all reviewer comments has made the difference on every project I have had the pleasure to work with them on."

-- Troy Strand, Baker Electric Inc.










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The team at Dersch Design & Engineering are key members of our solar system development team and a real joy to work with. Electrical engineering design and development is performed with depth and elegance when time permits or speed and improvisation when the crunch time comes.  The team has strong technical knowledge but even more important, a real world understanding of solving issues that affect the constructability and value of a design project in the real world. Their engineers care about doing a job right the first time and we feel fortunate to work with the Dersch Design and Engineering team.  I highly recommend Brian and his firm to others who care about having a constructible project delivered on time and on budget.

Kathy MacDougall
Independent Energy Solutions

The continual rapid response and level of detail from Dersch Design & Engineering, Inc. has been an immeasurable asset to our business. They routinely have showcased their high level of comprehension for solar and electrical engineering. Their employees are always cheerful and professional and we would suffer a great loss if we didn't have them as part of our extended work family!

Aaron Anderson
A2 Solar

We hired Dersch Design & Engineering, Inc. to help us with a large, complex project. They were able to meet our specific desires and needs with their design and did so without inflating the budget. Their knowledge of electrical systems, green design principles, and great customer service were a tremendous help during construction.

Proper engineering up front is what sets the stage for a successful project.  Dersch Design & Engineering’s attention to detail, project schedule and prompt responses to all reviewer comments has made the difference on every project I have had the pleasure to work them on.

Troy Strand
Baker Electric, Inc.

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Dersch Design & Engineering to anyone seeking electrical engineering services. We have always been able to count on prompt and diligent service, expert advice, and accurate results without complication or unexpected cost impact. Brian and his staff are highly skilled engineers with great attitudes and good communication skills.

Dustin Rosepink
4 S.T.E.L. Engineering, Inc.

The Dersch Design & Engineering team were a pleasure to work with on several challenging commercial solar projects. Under Brian’s leadership, his team has consistently delivered high quality engineering documents and construction phase design services. The Team’s "hands on" approach to coordination and delivery prove to be a great asset to our firm and to our clients.

David Wallace
Albireo Energy

Craig Wooster
Stone Edge Farm Microgrid




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